Shot on location at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge with a budget of just £1200 ($2000), Type Till You Bleed is an original comedy horror short from writer / director Richard Jackson. Shot over two days with two actors and only four crew-members, the film will make its festival debut in 2022.

Resurrected as an urban legend in the dark corners of the internet; The Jupiter P55 is a Soviet-era mainframe computer at the heart of a mysterious lab fire that killed its creators. When a provincial computer museum gets permission to display the machine it is under only one condition; it must be guarded 24/7. Andy, the museum's curator, cuts a few corners by hiring the hapless Doug from a Gumtree ad and leaves him alone with the machine. What should have been easy money for Doug becomes more complicated as the long-dormant machine seems to come to life at night...

Poster by Dan Liles


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